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Welcome to the NA-MIC Wiki!


These wiki pages are meant to encourage quick and efficient communication among the participating investigators and the interested users of NA-MIC. If you are interested in the BIG picture or need an introduction to our project please go to our main web page NA-MIC. To get an idea of the ongoing activities in this project, follow the links in the Navigation box on the left side of this page: Cores and Projects contains information about the activities in the individual NA-MIC cores as well as cross-NCBC activities, the Events pages contains information about upcoming and past NA-MIC events including teleconferences, and the Resources pages contain information about NA-MIC software.

Slicer 4.3 released in November 2013. See the Announcement for more information.


A list of all our past and upcoming events.

NA-MIC Collaborations

This is a list of our internal and external collaborative projects.


The NA-MIC Kit consists of software and software engineering methods that are used and developed by NA-MIC, including Slicer3. For training in the use of Slicer3 see here.

NA-MIC Programming/Project Events

NA-MIC Project Week is a hands on activity -- programming using the NA-MIC Kit, algorithm design, and clinical applications. The link above leads to results from project weeks held since 2005.

Call for Medical Image Computing Grant Applications

This is a call to help us improve the review process for Medical Image Computing grant applications by NIH.

Pages for Affiliated Research Teams and Organizations

NIH Page

  • This page contains useful information provided by our NIH officers.

Other Links

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